UN Special envoy to visit Kismayo for talks on Jubbaland election stalemate

A delegation from the international community led by UN special envoy, James Swan is expected in Kismayo on Thursday.

Swan and his team are scheduled to meet, Jubbaland leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, members of the opposition candidates and commissioners from the electoral body.

UN Secretary-General Special representative in Somalia second visit to the port city of Kismayo comes as the political rift in the upcoming election between an incumbent leader and a coalition of opposition candidates widens.

The two opposing sides swore two correspondings of about 73 new members of the regional assembly on Wednesday.

Earlier efforts by IGAD envoy, Mohamed Guyo to convince both sides and end their difference were futile but a letter from UN envoy, James Swan last week stressed the need for a peaceful and transparent process, a move is expected to be reiterated on their meeting on Thursday.

Jubbaland electoral body produced new election timetable on Wednesday.

In the new schedule, the long-awaited presidential poll is expected on 19th August before regional assembly speaker selection on 17th same month.


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