The Intergovernmental Authority Development has called on presidential candidates in Jubbaland state to promote a free, fair and transparent vote in the state’s regional assembly and presidency.

IGAD’s Special Envoy to Somalia, Mohamed Ali Guyo on Monday arrived in Kismayu has held a meeting with the state’s electoral commission on poll affairs.

During the official has stressed the regional bloc’s stance of impartiality in the elections which are very crucial for the stability of the state as well as whole Somalia.

“We urged the sides to promote and stability of the state, it is very important to hold inclusive transparent and more credible so that the result is not contentious and is accepted widely,” said the envoy.

Kismayo town is which interim capital of Jubbaland administration is expected to host the upcoming elections scheduled to take place this month.

After the conclusion of the selection process of the lawmakers, the state assembly will cast votes for the state President who will become the second one since the Jubbaland Administration was formed in 2013.

Ahead of the August 24 elections, the candidates vying for the top passion of the state have geared up their campaign to convince the elders and the regional elders elect them.

The incumbent leader Ahmed Mohamed Madobe who has been ruling the region since 2013 is facing off with several potential candidates.

Among those challenging the leader Ahmed are Abdi Abdi, Mohamed Omar Gedi, Anab Mohamed Abdirahman Ahmed Rabi, Dahir, Abdi Hiis Udan, Mohamoud Mohamed Omar and Mohamed Abdulle Magan.


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