Somali prime minister Hassan Ali Kheire praised Somali National Army for fighting al-Shabaab fighters in central and southern Somalia.

Speaking during a tour General Gordan recruits training camp, the prime minister said the country’s national army succeeded to liberate towns and villages under the control of al-Shabaab.

“I want to thank your tireless efforts to defeat al-Shabaab, you have played a very important role in the maintenance of peace and security in this country,” he said.

The prime minister pledged that his government will deliver services needed by the army to make sure the operations against al-Shabaab.

The Somali government has been trying to rebuild its army which has bee fighting against al-Shabaab for a decade

Under Siad Barre’s rule, Somalia once possessed a formidable military in the continent.

The Somali forces and their counterpart AMISOM troops have recently stepped up operations to flush the militants from the regions in South of the country.


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