Hotelka Dusitd2, Photo: Google Images

The DusitD2 hotel has reopened in Kenyan capital Nairobi following deadly al-Shabaab attack on January this year.

The hotel complex reopened on Wednesday with most of the staff at firms which were based in the area returning amid tight security.

However some business entities and companies that lost their staff are planning to relocate according to sources.

21 people including US and UK nationals were killed when five al-Shabaab fighters launched deadly attack on the hotel on 15th January.

Scores of the other people were left with injuries.

Armed al-Shabaab which claimed the responsibility of the attack later said it was for retaliation of Kenyan troops presence in Southern Somalia.

The group carried out wave of attacks mainly in order areas in the north targeting Kenyan security agencies.

The government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has since vowed to beef up security in the country while tightening the grip on terror sympathizers.

Several suspects appeared in court over their involvement or help to DusitD2 attackers.
Kenyan police have arrested nine people in connection to the attack.


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