Hirshabelle state leader, Mohamed Abdi Ware held talks with Qatari ambassador, Hassan Bin Asad Hamza in Jowhar administrative capital on Saturday.

The two discussed ways to implement development projects in the state mainly the roads connecting the capital Mogadishu with Jowhar in the forthcoming days.

Doha earlier signed an agreement with the Somali government in 2017 to provide funding to build a 90-kilometer road that connects the rich agricultural city with Somali capital.

The delegation led by Qatari ambassador also toured the Jowhar sugar factory and farms for possible investment opportunities.

Hirshabelle deputy agricultural minister, Mohamed Bashir Qassim also said Qatari officials also assessed rice plantation which was among industries affected by the civil strife that broke out in the country.

Qatar promised to upgrade Baidoa airport into an international standard last week during a meeting between Southwest regional leader, Abdiasis Hassan Mohamed, and ambassador, Hassan Bin Asad Hamza in Baidoa.

The Qatari funded construction of 30 Kilometre road between Mogadishu and Afgoye commenced last week.
Somalia and Qatar developed close diplomatic and military cooperation since the horn of African nation neutral stance on gulf blockade targeting the gas-rich tiny Persian gulf state a year ago.


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