The government of Kenya is planning to employ 1,397 to replace those who left Mandera following several attacks in the county.

Ibrahim Mumin, the director Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in Mandera confirmed that the commission will deploy more teachers to Mandera County.

“TSC is aware of the situation in Mandera and we are making every effort to ensure that staffing is stable. We want to replace teachers whom we lost through natural attrition and those that were transferred,” he said.

Mr Mumin revealed that the gap will be filled by employing locals who recently graduated from different teacher training colleges.

“We are aware of quite a number of local teachers who graduated with degrees, diplomas and P1 certificates who are ready to serve in Mandera and we shall be employing them soon,” he said.

There are 283 primary and 50 secondary schools in Mandera County.

Hundreds of non local teachers had fled Mandera county after al-Shabaab staged attacks in Mandera.


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