Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad said he discussed the New York Times article alleging Qatar-UAE proxy war in the country with Qatari ambassador on Tuesday.

Speaking during an interview with VOA Somali, the minister said the Federal Government of Somalia was satisfied by the explanations put forward by Doha envoy in the country, Hassan Hamza Asad.

” The state of Qatar has denied the content of the article published by the New York Times and we are satisfied .” Ambassador Awad said.

The Foreign Minister added that Doha made it clear that it was not behind the purported attack in the port city of Bosaso on May this year by gunmen.

The New York Times article dubbed ” With Guns, Cash and Terrorism, Gulf States Vie for Power in Somalia” published on Tuesday reveals details of leaked audio between Qatari ambassador, Hamza Asad and bussinessman, Khalifa Kayed al-Muhanadi about his knowledge on attack in Bosaso.

Muhanadi says he is aware about the attack suggesting it was targeting UAE interest in the semi autonomous region in Somalia.

In a statement released after the article, Qatar strongly denied its involvement saying it does not interfere with the domestic affairs of other states and anyone who undertakes does not represent the state.


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