Somalia has agreed with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) new roadmap to minimize proliferation of weapons.

A six-month road-map drafted by the East Africa trade bloc aims at denying al-Shabaab and ISIS fighters access to arms.

The plan will see the establishment of a National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons that shall lead the implementation of the government’s priorities related to weapons and ammunition management and control.

In a statement, IGAD said Somali government has endorsed a six-month roadmap aimed at countering proliferation of weapons.

The bloc said the action plan is the culmination of four days of high-level political and technical consultations between the bloc, Somalia and the Regional Centre on Small Arms (RECSA).

“The Federal Government of Somalia has endorsed a six-month roadmap towards strengthening its control of the movement and ownership of weapons and ammunition within its borders,” IGAD said.

It said the initiative will strengthen measures to counter the proliferation of weapons in Somalia and prevent access to weapons by terrorists.

“It will further strengthen Somalia’s compliance with the UN arms embargo on Somalia, leading to its future lifting to enable Somalia to effectively counter the subversive activities of militias and terrorists,” the bloc said.


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