Former Somali president party files legal case against FG

The political party linked to the former President of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has filed a legal case against the Federal Government of Somalia on Sunday.

Himilo Qaran party officials who addressed the media at party headquarters said they filed the case with the high court against the government on what they termed as the illegal travel restriction imposed on their leader, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

The opposition party press director, senator Ilyas Ali Hassan confirmed the submission of the case to the high court in the capital for a possible hearing.

Former President of the transitional federal government ( 2009 – 2012) was barred from boarding a flight to the port city of Kismayo by airport authority officials on 22nd August.

Sheikh Sharif was leading delegation to Kismayo to attend the inauguration ceremony of the disputed regional leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

Somali Civil Aviation and Metrological Authority have since issued a directive to all airlines to Kismayo to submit the list of passengers 24 hours before the journey.