Former Somali President calls for unity among politicians

Former Somali President, Abdikassim Salad Hassan has called for unity among Somali politicians for the sake of the nation.

Speaking to Kulmiye radio staion during an interview, Mr. Hassan who resides in Egypt since leaving office in October 2004 said it is the responsibility of all citizens to closely work with the government in power while presenting any wrongdoings of the administration to the parliament for action.

His comments follow remarks by members of the opposition forum led by the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed who vowed to take action against President Farmajo government for allege travel restrictions on its opposition leaders.

“It is unnecessary for the former head of state to threaten the government if there is a mistake made, parliament is the right channel for accountability. “Former President, Abdikassim Salad Hassan said.
A Press Statement from the Ministry of Information last week appealed to the former President, Sheikh

Sharif to respect his status and avoid a move that harms will harm public order.

“The Somali government, former head of states and all others that value the development of the country have the responsibility to safeguard the unity, safety, and security of the nation.” The statement by the Minister of Information and Culture, Mohamed Hayir Mareye said.