Five people killed in Las-Anod town

At least five people killed and several other wounded after two round of motor shells landed on a residential house, a restaurant, and a section of a hospital in the contested town of Las-Anod in northern Somalia.

According to residents in the town, shells struck a tea restaurant and the laboratory section of the main hospital in the city.

The locals accused the forces of the breakaway Somalia region of bombing the town. Medics in the town also claimed that shelling fired by Somaliland forces hit hospitals, hindering access to medical care for the wounded.

The fighting in Las-Anod which started on 28 December 2022 killed more than 350 people and wounded more than 3,000 people. The fighting also displaced more than 285,000 people.

Armed locals and Somaliland forces were fighting in and around the town as both sides struggle to take control of the town and the region.

Somaliland declared its secession from Somalia in May 1991 but has not yet achieved international recognition.

Despite the lack of recognition, Somaliland was widely praised by the international community for achieving stability and holding democratic elections.