Federal government to broker Galmudug state reconciliation process

The Federal government of Somalia has started efforts to kickoff reconciliation conference to bring together various political groups in Galmudug state ahead of planned regional elections.

The office of the Prime Minister through the Interior Ministry has named twelve-member technical committee on Wednesday to spearhead the process.

They include ten men and two women.

Statement from the Ministry of Interior, federal affairs and reconciliation said the government has decided to put in place a technical committee considering various challenges facing the state.

“Following consultation with the members of the both upper and the lower house of parliament from the Galmudug state, traditional elders while considering the upcoming elections and the security challenges, the ministry has decided to establish a committee to work towards reconciliation meeting.” The statement said.

The statement from the Ministry of Interior further said official from the ministry will closely work with the organizing committee on achieving the groundbreaking reconciliation conference scheduled in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of the state.

The main task of the committee will be bringing together various delegates from communities residing in the state while working towards the realization of a long-lasting solution on contentious issues surrounding political-cultural difference in the area.