Farmajo and leaders of main opposition parties discuss poll schedule

President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo held talks with the leaders of main opposition political parties in the country on Wednesday.

The meeting which lasted for close to three hours and held at the official residence of the head of state, Villa Somalia was attended by the leader of Himilo Qaran party, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the party leader of United for Peace and Development Party, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

The meeting resolved that the upcoming Presidential elections will be conducted on time.

The government also pledged that all relevant agencies and laws will be ready for the success of the crucial democratic process in the horn of the African state.

According to a press statement by the two opposition leaders after the meeting, the model of the election come 2020/21 will be decided by the political stakeholders.

Other significant points agreed between President Farmajo government and the opposition leaders include, united effort to combat the war against al-Shabaab, respect to the constitution, human rights and desist from politicizing the work of security agencies.