Ethiopian police impound over 150 pistols from Somalia at its border

The Ethiopian Police recovered 180 pistols and 1,000 rounds of ammunition during an operation near the country’s border with Somalia.

In a statement, the police said the weapons were found after a joint operation by police officers acting on tips off.

The officers said a vehicle carrying Turkish-made pistols from Togwajale, the border township was intercepted by the customs police officials.

“The police confiscated Suzuki brand vehicle left from Somaliland’s Togwajale, the border with Ethiopia whilst full of illegal arms and with the intention of trafficking into Ethiopia’s Somali region,” the statement reads in part.

The police said the vehicle is suspected to have been heading to Jigjiga.

According to Addis Standard, one person who was on board was put behind bars.

The officials have said investigations underway as far as arms trafficking is concerned.

The confiscation comes barely two months after Ethiopian government announced that the police bound around 10,000 guns in a nine-month period.

According to the authorities, around 10,000 guns, 30 Kalashnikov rifles, and more than 19,000 bullets were seized during operations to combat illicit weapons trade in the last nine months.

During that period, the police also seized around 80,000 U.S. dollars’ worth of foreign currency.