Drama in Somaliland as police detain key opposition party members

Somaliland police have detained two opposition figures on Sunday evening.

Waddani, which is the main opposition party in the self-declared state but internationally unrecognized confirmed the arrest of its Secretary-General, Khadar Hussein Abdi and party Spokesman, Barkhad Jama Batuun in Hargeysa.

The move comes after the party leader urged their supporters to gather at the party headquarters for demonstrations.

The police dismissed the gathering as unlawful and threat to public order.

Police commissioner, Brigadier-General Mohamed Adan Sanqadhi Mohamoud warned against any public gathering without police knowledge.

Anti-riot police were deployed in Hargeysa on Monday morning to control any backlash from opposition supporters.

Wadani candidate, Abdirahman Irro was defeated in 2017 Presidential elections by Kulmiye party leader and current President, Muse Bihi Abdi.

He rejected the outcome over rigging claims but later accepted following intervention by various parties including the international community.