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Why Somalia Telecommunication companies do not block Pornographic traffic on their networks?

At 4:30 pm on January 12, 2020, a Google search of the terms “porn” and “addiction” yields 149,000,000 results. This is because porn is easily accessible on the internet almost for free. Unlike, earlier years where Hollywood and the Adult industry made billions of dollars from the trade, nowadays, pornography is available on the internet easily and freely. But the industry is still worth billions (As you can see here ) of dollars.

In the western culture, Pornography was epitomized in the 18th century by Marquis de Sade’s pornographic opus Justine. Marquis de Sade who started the French Revolution wrote that “The state of the moral man is one of tranquillity and peace; the state of an immoral man is one of perpetual unrest here.”

So the Porn industry, following the lead of Marquis de Sade figured that in order to enslave and/or control people, the moral basis of the social order has to be first corrupted and undermined by promoting Porn.

Still, in the developed world this industry is somewhat regulated but in most of the third world countries anyone with access to the internet can watch free porn, and where there is no internet, can go to shackle theatres where kids of all ages come to watch porn movies. The devastating effect this free porn access has on young children, families, and the society at large is immeasurable.

Countless women and girls as young as 12 years old have been raped by grownup men who were high on drugs and addicted to Porn. And this cycle of drugs, addiction to Porn and rape of women and girls continues unabated because of the easy availability of drugs and Porn and the lack of laws to deal with the consequences.

When it comes to porn access in the third world countries, where laws are lax or non-existent, Somalia is in a league by itself. There are no laws in place at all levels of government regarding the minimum age to sell digital or print Porn material or restrictions on the movie houses where porn movies are shown. It is free for all ages to come and watch them for a small fee.

In some regions in Somalia it is protected by tribal elders or militias who benefit from the revenue generated from this Vice but the bulk of the blame goes to Telecommunication companies and internet service providers (Hormud, Sometel, etc) by allowing pornography to be transmitted on their networks. In Somalia, anyone who has a smart phone can access Porn, even in small towns and rural areas where people are normally more conservative and traditional. It has contaminated everyone.

The questions that arises is why should Telcom companies don’t want to block access to Porn sites? The answer is simple. Telcos allow pornography to broadcast on their networks because pornography is an easy way to make money from customers because people get addicted to it, meaning the more time Telco subscribers spend on Porn sites, the more money telecommunications companies make. They directly benefit from addiction to pornography.

Also, Pornography is also an addiction and addiction is a form of control that either contaminates the conscious, good culture, or morals, and which eventually leads to societal breakdown because Porn leads to insatiable lust that blinds the mind and makes people blindly follow their temptations.  And a person or society that is blinded by lust can be easily defeated or compromised by controlling their mind thru their addiction. If the mind is not corrupted or controlled in a negative way, people will lead an upright moral life which free from malice and vice.

Some people in the West argue that sexual freedom and pornography are similar to other form of a freedom that are protected by the Western constitutions but in reality pornography is a form of mind control for business gain and adds no value to other forms of freedoms that are protected under western constitutions.


The government and the ministry of telecommunication have to take steps to ban or strictly regulate availability of Pornography on Telcom networks to the public, otherwise a lot of young kids will become addicted to this vice and ruin their future.

By: Ahmed Bashir

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