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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Jubaland Election Commission clears Madobe for a re-run

Jubbaland election commission has cleared incumbent leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam on Saturday.

The chairman of the commission, Hamza Abdi Barre has issued the state leader with a certificate for his re-run.

Mabobe who was the Jubbaland state leader since its establishment in May 2013 is running for the third term in office with the stiff contest from various candidates.

According to the poll timetable released by the commission, the regional presidential election is scheduled from 24th August.

The security of the port city of Kismayo has been heightened since al-Shabaab hotel attack last Friday in which more than 26 people were killed, among them presidential candidate and 56 others were wounded.

Opposition candidates hoping to unseat the current president accusing him of using security as a pretext to lock them out, a claim Ahmed Mohamed Islam strongly denied.

Observers from the federal government and the various representatives of the international community will oversee the crucial exercise.

President Madobe pledged free and fair elections during the visit of UN envoy, James Swan in Kismayo.

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